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WM981-15 Strategic Business Management

Taught Postgraduate Level
Module leader
Angela Clarke
Credit value
Module duration
1 week
Study location
University of Warwick main campus, Coventry
Introductory description

This module looks at the role of Business Strategy in organisations. It addresses the importance of strategy to the organisation and examines the process for developing and implementing an effective strategy.

Module aims

It will explain how to develop and implement a strategy in a business. It will also consider how to select and apply various tools and techniques at each stage of the strategy’s development and deployment.
In addition, it will highlight real, practical considerations to enable successful, sustainable strategy implementation.

Outline syllabus

This is an indicative module outline only to give an indication of the sort of topics that may be covered. Actual sessions held may differ.

  • Introduction
  • The theory of strategy development – including vision and mission statements
  • The process of strategy development – including tools and techniques
  • Analysis of internal and external environment, strategic position and strategic options
  • Accounts from practitioners on aspects of strategy
  • Strategic alternatives
  • Practical implementation considerations
  • Influencing – tools, techniques and practice
  • Application of learning to specific business situation
  • Review and improvement of strategic business opportunity
Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • Critically analyse the role of, and the process for, the development of business strategy, and its relationship with organisational vision, mission, values and culture.
  • Identify and critically assess the external and internal factors that affect a business and their business in particular.
  • Recognise the interface between different parts of an organisation, appreciate the expectations of stake-holders both inside and outside of the organisation, and consider how to manage them.
  • Review and/or develop sources of competitive advantage and debate the practicalities of enabling business benefit from them.
  • Create a business strategy and implementation plan for a part of the organisation in which the learner works.
  • Interpret, critically evaluate and apply appropriate theories, tools and techniques to issues in the learner's workplace (and demonstrate these against a Degree Apprenticeship standard where appropriate).
Indicative reading list

see Talis Aspire

View reading list on Talis Aspire

Subject specific skills

Strategic thinking
Big picture thinking & techniques
Practical implementation of strategy
Business modelling
Importance of and influencing culture & behaviours in strategy

Transferable skills

Communication - verbal and written
Influencing & negotiation
Action planning

Study time

Type Required
Lectures 10 sessions of 1 hour (7%)
Seminars 10 sessions of 1 hour 30 minutes (10%)
Practical classes (0%)
Work-based learning 30 sessions of 1 hour (20%)
Online learning (independent) 5 sessions of 1 hour (3%)
Assessment 90 hours (60%)
Total 150 hours
Private study description

No private study requirements defined for this module.


No further costs have been identified for this module.

You must pass all assessment components to pass the module.

Assessment group A1
Weighting Study time
PMA written question 50% 50 hours

One PMA written component on strategy, from a choice of two questions

Video log (Vlog) 30% 30 hours

10 minute video log reflecting on how the learning from the module can be applied in the learner's workplace

In module exercise and assessment 20% 10 hours

The in-module exercise and assessment will be dependent on the cohort group size.

  • If the cohort is sufficiently small, the assessment will be a 1.5 hour presentation (individual or small group from the same organisation) critiquing the learners' workplace strategy and making recommendations for improvement. Presentation of the findings will be made to senior management representatives from the learners' organisation.
  • If the cohort is larger than 15 students, an in-module presentation will be based on an online case study, and will comprise classroom, collaborative and independent working pulled together in a group presentation (marked collectively) to academic representatives at the end of the week.
Assessment group R1
Weighting Study time
PMA question 100%

1 question from a choice of 2

Feedback on assessment

in module - verbal and written feedback (using pro-forma)
written essay - written feedback using standard feedback form
vlog - written feedback using standard feedback form

Anti-requisite modules

If you take this module, you cannot also take:

  • ES977-10 Business Strategy & Strategic Management


This module is Optional for:

  • EWMS-H1X9 Postgraduate Taught Engineering Business Management (Degree Apprenticeship)
    • Year 1 of H1X9 Engineering Business Management (DA)
    • Year 1 of H1T3 WMG Engineering Business Management (Part-time)
  • EWMS-H1B3 Postgraduate Taught Managing in Technology Based Industries (Degree Apprenticeship)
    • Year 1 of H1B4 Managing in Technology Based Industries
    • Year 1 of H1B4 Managing in Technology Based Industries
    • Year 1 of H1B3 Managing in Technology Based Industries (DA)
  • Year 1 of EWMS-H7BJ Postgraduate Taught Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Degree Apprenticeship)
  • Year 1 of EWMS-H1XB Postgraduate Taught Systems Engineering Technical Leadership (Degree Apprenticeship)