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WM980-15 Supply Chain Fundamentals

Taught Postgraduate Level
Module leader
Janet Godsell
Credit value
100% coursework
Study location
Distance or Online Delivery
Introductory description

This module is designed to explore the basic concept of what a supply chain is and how it gets things to you. It will explore the underpinning building blocks of the supply chain; planning, manufacturing, procurement, logistics and what we do with things once we are finished with them by firstly putting them into the context of everyday life and then reflecting how they apply in your business context. It will use a blend of multi-media resources to introduce the key concepts, critical roles, key issues and leading practice that define supply chains in practice.

Module aims

This module aims to provide delegates with an overview of basic concepts of supply chain - specifically planning, manufacturing, procurement and logistics, and how these can be analysed and applied in a business context.

Outline syllabus

This is an indicative module outline only to give an indication of the sort of topics that may be covered. Actual sessions held may differ.

Supply Chain Definitions
Return (circular economy)

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • Evaluate the different perspectives and definitions of supply chain and supply chain management
  • Assess and apply relevant core supply chain principles to improve end-to-end supply chain performance
  • Evaluate your personal practice and its contribution to the delivery of suply chain and broader business strategy
  • Develop and justify an action plan of one thing to do differently to improve your supply chain practice

Online delivery means that the module can be offered internationally

Subject specific skills

The key subject specific skills relate to the themes of Supply Chain Management, Planning, Sourcing Strategies and Manufacturing Strategies.

Transferable skills

The module will develop the following transferable skills: Collaborative Working (virtual), Cultural Awareness (virtual), Critical Thinking and Analysis, Self-Reflection, Learning Journal.

Study time

Type Required
Online learning (scheduled sessions) 50 sessions of 1 hour (62%)
Online learning (independent) 30 sessions of 1 hour (38%)
Total 80 hours
Private study description

Private Study /Self-directed study 40 hrs in preparation for assessment


No further costs have been identified for this module.

You must pass all assessment components to pass the module.

Assessment group A
Weighting Study time
Online Discussion Contribution 20% 10 hours

Contribution to online discussion forums

Video Assignement 60% 10 hours

Video assignement in which the delegate delivers a cricial summary of their personal learning from the module

Online Tests 20% 10 hours

Online test to check undertanding and analaysitcal skills

Feedback on assessment

Written feedback of approximately 150-250 words will be provided for the video assignement within a four week period after the date of submission. This feedback will be focussed upon the strengths and weaknesses of the work with regard to the module learning objectives. Suggestions for improvement will also be provided. Written feedback will be given for all components and the (weighted) marks will be combined to provide a single consolidate mark.

There is currently no information about the courses for which this module is core or optional.